New Year, New You??

Well, it’s the time of year for resolutions and change and blah, blah, blah!! While I understand the obsession with a new year, the fact remains, we are generally not ready to change on January 1st.  I gave up New Year’s resolutions about 15 years ago, yet I am still tempted every year to “change” when the new year comes. We can change in a day, when it’s the right time; however, the seeds of change need to be planted and cultivated and are not necessarily ready to go on January 1st.  Following the seasons, winter is a time for reflection and probably a good time to set your intentions for the future, with spring being when you start to see evidence of your efforts.

So please, be gentle with yourself this time of year. We are bombarded with advertisements of how we should be losing weight and giving up all our bad habits.  How about instead we sit in awareness of where we are and look towards where we want to be. It isn’t until we truly accept where we are that we can make true and lasting change. We are perfect where we are at. That does not mean we cannot better ourselves, it just means that wherever we are in our journey is where we are supposed to be. Be grateful for even difficult times teach us and prepare us. Honor this time for reflection without being caught up in what “needs” to change to make you happy. If you cannot be happy in the here and now, you are not ready for change and that is okay.

My wish for all of you this season is acceptance and love of where you are on your journey and who you are as a person.

Speaking of change…. I would like to change my blog format during this year more to a question and answer format. Kind of “Dear Dawny” as one of my best friends calls me whenever she has an issue. So, if you have any issues (emotional, physical, spiritua)l, please feel free to write me at (please put “Dear Dawn” in the subject line) or send me a message on my FaceBook page – Dawn of Wellness.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014!

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