What is a health counselor??

People ask what I do and I used to tell them about my previous full-time job as bookkeeper/office manager/HR manager at my uncle’s company or I would tell them about helping out at my kid’s karate school. And now, with no paying job, my answer is I’m a volunteer dog-walker at the animal shelter. This is my business, but I avoid telling people what I do. Part of the issue is that I am an overweight health counselor, so I feel like they will judge me right away (my issue, not theirs by the way!). The other is I have some trouble describing what I do. I make the mistake of using nutrition in my description. After all, my certification is from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Once I say this, people want to know what to eat, meal plans, recipes…. UGH!  I have recipes I like to share, but I really don’t like telling people what to eat! I know this is odd for my profession. I have issues with food for health. The first being that everyone is different. I am mostly a Vegan. I hate the label and I’m not 100% and yes I eat honey. We are not having a protein discussion here either!  Just because I am mostly Vegan doesn’t mean my clients should be.  Food is a very individual thing. We have different tastes and our bodies will react differently to the same foods. My other issue, is that our health and body weight is about a lot more than just food. It’s about our entire lifestyle and how we are interacting with others and ourselves. And that is where my strength and the crux of my health counseling practice lies.

My job with clients is to shake up their perspective in life. We repeat the same patterns over and over again in our lives which cause health, weight, financial and emotional issues.  In my opinion, health counseling is getting to the root of these patterns and issues in our lives and re-writing the story we tell ourselves. When we address our problems from the root, we initiate true and lasting healing in every area of our lives. That is what I endeavor to do for my clients. It is what I am doing for myself. If you need a butt-kicking and to be shaken out of your current state, you need me!  A health counselor is a listening ear, a coach, a cheerleader, that annoying friend who calls you out when you are lying to yourself and yes, I will help you upgrade your food choices and guide you towards what is right for you!

Yes, this blog is a shameless plug for my services! If you or someone you know has health and weight issues, contact me at dawnofwellness@gmail.com for a free session. Check out my entire website for more information about how I approach wellness!

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