My name is Dawn Moro and I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor!  What the heck does that mean??? Honestly, I don’t know! People ask me what I do and frankly, sometimes I am at a complete loss. See, my focus was on nutrition and lifestyle and how one effects the other. That’s great, and I kind of had a little pat answer to that affect that never really felt like it totally described what I do.  See, what I do is different with every client, but let me give you a run down of what my approach is to my clients.

Basically, I am that friend that listens when you need to vent, but when you’ve been beating the issue to death, I flip it on it’s head and make you look at it from a completely different point of view.

I am so completely on your side and supportive of you that I will make a strong case for the person who is pissing you off until you realize that you have the power to react in a different way.

I will only let you hide behind blame and excuses for a short time before pulling the real issue to the surface and then giving you the tools to own your life and change the way you approach it.

Yes I have a strong nutrition background and can(and will) assist you in improving and upgrading your food. That is great I can do that, but you already know to eat less junk, eat more real food and exercise. You don’t need me for meal plans, you need me to help you understand what you are truly craving. Sometimes it’s a nutrient deficiency and sometimes it’s a hug!

I will listen to you tell me how hard everything is and I will validate your feelings. Then I will lovingly let you know that you are 100% responsible for your difficulties and teach you how to see them as opportunities.

I will surprise you with insights that come out of the blue like angelic help and I will guide you towards living a more authentic life.

I will leave my judgments at home and give you strength through my compassion for your situation.

I used to have a program, a “guide,” to follow week to week, but life doesn’t follow a schedule. Your issues of the day is what will be on our agenda for the session.

We will laugh, we will cry and we will heal. Yes, I will heal with you, as I feel your pain and I can rejoice in your successes.

My approach is unique and authentically me.

I will be that friend who will love you through your pain to the other side. Nudging you at times and giving you a giant shove at other times.

Counselor/Coach/Cheerleader – Bringing your mind, body and soul back into balance.

To find out if health counseling is right for you, schedule a FREE, no obligation session with me right away!  We will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how I can help you reach your personal goals.

If you want to know more about me and my background – hop on over to the “About Me” page!

Dawn Moro, CHC, AADP

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