Meditation & Guns?!?!

Last week I went to the shooting range with my husband and thought how odd it must seem that this is what I would do just mere hours after taking my weekly meditation class. I mean, meditation means peace and guns are violence, right? I am far from a violent person and cannot even bring myself to watch boxing or wrestling. As an empath, I am extremely sensitive and avoid violence and confrontation at all costs. So why have I taken up shooting as a hobby? At first, I marveled at how well rounded I am; how varied my interests are. It got me really thinking though and shortly after I came home, I decided to write whatever came to me about why I not only participate in these wildly diverse activities, but even chose to do them on the same day, hours apart. I would like to note that I have no interest in hunting at this time, nor do I ever anticipate using my gun anywhere other than the range. And every time I go, I am terrified, but I keep going back.  I hope you enjoy what I learned and that you can look at the activities in your life and see if they offer insight into what you are looking for or what you need to work on……


From the meditation pillow to the gun range and everything in between

Like what you like and make no excuses

Peace is my goal

Yet can’t peace been found in shooting a piece

The meditation pillow is my comfort zone

The gun range is not….It’s where I grow and face my fears

It’s where I take what I learn in yoga and apply to life

Prepare, set aim, breathe, pull the trigger and then do it all over again.

Who says they are different? Mindfulness can be found anywhere.

I do not shoot to harm or for violence. I shoot to learn peace within myself during chaos.

I am not good at it yet, but I will be.

When I can take my fear, breathe through it and release the bullet into the void, I will realize true peace.

To be able to sit in fear, to relax into it…..That is the goal.

I learn a lot on my meditation pillow, but the gun range is where I grow.


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