I would love to tell you that if you sign up, you will lose all the weight you want, have the job of your dreams, have the perfect relationship and money will flow to you in absolute abundance! But I can’t. There is no guarantee. I have no control over what you do or don’t do or what will ultimately happen in your life.

What I can tell you, is that any of those things can be a potential side effect from learning to live your life from a different perspective. My mission, that I have chosen to accept, is to guide you towards living a more authentic lifestyle. Reprogramming the patterns that have kept you stuck for so long. As of this draft of my website, I am still overweight; however I have found a weight loss system that allowed me to lose weight and help my adrenals. I will teach you the same tools I used to move to a place of peace and inner happiness. I am here to help you build your foundation so that the changes you make in your life will be long term.  We will identify the patterns in your life and work through to release them once and for all. To learn the lesson and move on!

I have 2 options available. One is a very strict, specific diet plan called Chirothin (only available through chiropractors) and the other is a coaching only program.  Chirothin is a very low calorie diet that is done with doctor supervision at Healing Hands of Manahawkin with coaching and measurements by me.  The coaching only program is not a diet! I will not give you a meal plan (but I have lots of great recipes!) and I will not hold you to a plan. We will work week to week and it is up to you to use the tools I teach you. I am available for support and will supply you with unique ways to tackle issues in your life.  When  you complete my 6-12 week program, you should have the tools to deal with those issues that pop up into your life! Don’t worry though, I will be here for occasional support after the program if you need a little refresher!

I will provide you with any notes or homework in a follow-up e-mail after our sessions as a reminder of what I recommend for the coming week(s).  Relevant articles and recipes will be sent to you and I have an extensive library of books that I would be more than happy to share! Gifts to help you on your journey are part of the program when warranted. They are dependent on the client and what I think they need and would like, but could include food samples, journals, etc. Above all, I will provide you with a safe space to talk and work through your blocks with food, exercise and all the other problems that make us overweight and unhealthy. I am not a doctor or certified therapist, so more serious issues will need to be dealt with by appropriate professionals.

I look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey to wellness!

Weekly or Bi-Weekly programs available! They are generally in person at Healing Hands of Manahawkin in Southern Ocean County, New Jersey.

Contact me today to schedule your free consultation!!

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